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SHALOM, like peace

Hey, it’s Shaneeka Shalom – wellness worker, based out of Cincinnati, Ohio.

This site is for sharing my personal journey assisting others by guiding their peace through positions, both metaphorically and literally. I will also be capturing personally gaining perspectives from peace as my yoga client-base grows.

I am excited to host podcasts and workshops, write blogs, and teach yoga at community events.

Get to know me!

Yogi. Mother. Blogger. Producer.

Yes, I was a Missing Person

I am safe and in touch with the necessary people!

This is a part of the foundation for addressing branding, etc. I have learned and am learning the importance of being able to utilize media platforms to introduce myself in a way that reaches both virtual and in-person audiences. It’s about balancing, clarity, accountability and so much more.

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Life’s twists and turns have led this Ohio University alumni to new endeavors through attending Ohio Media School.

Fun Fact:

I have 3 YouTube Channels

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@ShaneekGoins @Shalombyshaneekayoga @SHALOMshaneekagoins

Key Points About Me

  • 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher through Give Yoga Studio in Columbus, Ohio.
  • BA in Psychology and a BA in Social Work from Ohio University.
  • Marketing, Communications, and Digital Media specialist from Ohio Media School.


Certified Yoga Teacher


Mother to one adorable 5 year old


Voiceover work coming soon!

Career motto:

“Guiding peace through positions; gaining perspectives from peace.”

-Shaneeka Shalom Goins